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After finish all the option you should test the result by download the QR Code reader on your phone, and scan the QR Code icon or you can use our QR Code scanner, after that you can download you QR Code with different format SVG, PNG or PDF.

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What is a QR Code?

A QR Code is essentially a kind of magnetic barcode first developed in Japan for the car industry in 1994. A magnetic code is simply a machine-readable pattern that contains pertinent information about an object to which it's attached. This makes it a unique kind of code that stands out from traditional barcodes and can be used in conjunction with special smart phones to give access to content or services.

So, what exactly are these QR Codes? They're a series of alphanumeric characters which are encrypted in a way that only they can decipher (hence the name).

They are decoded using an algorithm that scrambles the code into a form that the receiver of the code can understand. Theoretically, anyone with a smart phone, a laptop, an Internet connection and a browser can read them and the information contained can be interpreted by their respective smart phones or computers.

The nice thing about QR Codes is that they allow people to share and distribute the information in such a way that it increases their network effect. For example, if you have a business and you want potential clients to know about it, you can have your employees go around with printed out QR Codes.

People then can scan the QR Code and then send it back to you through the means of their smartphones. In a way, you don't need to spend thousands of dollars on expensive advertisements, instead people can tell others about your product by simply sharing the information with their peers!

What is a QR Code generator?

If you're interested in learning what is a QR Code maker, there are a lot of things to keep in mind. You have to be familiar with how to use one to get a quick result. They are used by online businesses, and some of those businesses offer QR Codes for readers to use on their websites. By having a QR Code on your website you will have access to a lot more traffic. A QR Code is a static web link that is used by readers as a way to access your website's URL.
There are a lot of different types of QR Codes. You can find ones with basic formatting, and even ones that are a combination of both. You can add your business name or the tagline of your business to the bottom of the code, making it easier for your readers to identify your business with just a few clicks.

How to scan a QR Code ?

One of the most exciting things about smartphones is their ability to perform tasks such as searching the internet or reading e-books or you can use our QR Code scanner . So, how to scan a QR Code? This is actually pretty simple. All you need is an app for your smartphone and you are on your way to enjoying scanning all the QR Codes that are available out there.
Once you have a QR Code viewer installed on your mobile, you are ready to scan at least your first QR Code. Doing this is actually very easy. All you need to do is hold your mobile device above a QR Code in the screen and then tap on it. This will start scanning the code. Now this works exactly like how to scan a URL or an e-mail address.

QR Code and business :

However, there is much more to these programs and their ability to make great use of analytics for websites. For one, the phone itself has a QR Code in the form of an icon, which can be captured by scanners. This icon can then be used in conjunction with a URL address to access the rest of the site or page. Through this method, the scanner no longer needs to have a smartphone in order to perform this action.

This means that QR Code creators are not necessarily only for smart phones. In fact, it would seem that they are becoming a primary way for businesses and organizations to market to their target audience in a new way that makes use of the capabilities of smartphones.

Have more questions?

QR Code is used for various purposes, they are able to save or store any type of information you need to store, for example, you can store your URL in it to make it easy for you to open the page on the website, with just one scan, it can also store contact details so you didn't use to type your name, QR Code for an Email address or even the phone number to save it to your mobile phone, but as you know, this is just the tip of the iceberg

Actually no, you can use the color you want to use or the color of your brand or company. Whatever color you want, you can select a color from 16,777,216 Colors using #RRGGBB notation, so you can select it easily and play around with the color picker.

The QR Code minimum size varies depending on the size of the merchandise, so if you want to print on tiny to medium-sized merchandise like business cards or flyers. Your code should be 2x2 Cm(around 0.8x0.8 in ) at least.

It is depending on your device, a QR Code reader or scanner might be available on your phone, if you open the camera app on your phone and try to hold over a code and wait a few seconds until a notification appears you will find all information you want in it. If it doesn't scan it, then check your phone setting and see if it works or not. If it still doesn't work, don't worry you can download a QR Code reader from the app store or you can use our QR Code scanner for free.

Yes of course, Lately using QR Code gained wide popularity as its versatility. You can use it in improving your service or products or your customers by sharing images and videos, you can also use it to promote your business Via events and courses. As it can gather the feedback, all of these things can be done by one scan.

The QR Code standard includes now a developing technology to correct the Error (Reed–Solomon error correction). So it makes it possible to style some parts of QR Codes. If you asked now how it works, well, if you want to change the foreground and background color of a code you can use our free QR Code generator, it also can embed a logo in the middle of the QR image. Embedding content and selecting logos or icons helps the user to know what to expect from the QR Code before you scanned it, but not all information will be known before Scanning, but you will get fast information from seeing the logo .you can use our website to create your own QR Code with the Colors you prefer or with colors matching your corporate identity.

Denso Wave the developer of QR Code patented the QR Code technology and then he released the QR specification as an ISO standard (ISO/IEC 18004:2000 and ISO/IEC 18004:2006, despite, the patent owners decided not to obligate the rights resulting therefrom. So using QR Code technology is now free of charge as what the ISO and JIS (Japanese Industrial Standards) defined, and the usage registration is not necessary. The QR Code name is regarded as the trademark of Denso Wave Inc. in a lot of jurisdictions which including Japan, the U.S., and many European countries). The logo should be visible when using the brand, however, it is not necessary if the QR Code using a pattern/logo icon/image or even a graphic, for example, if we include it in a website or when we try to print it on a business card, brochure, leaflet, etc.). You can find more information at the FAQ of the developer of QR Code Denso Wave.
When you creating your QR Code you should be aware that the QR Code image itself may be copyrighted protected by a third party and this will make you pay more fees on it, so if you want to generate your own QR Code for free you can use our QR Code generator, so you will create your own one without paying anything for non-commercial and commercial usage.

Depending on the QR Code shape or size, it has the ability to store more data than a barcode, actually, a QR Code can hold hundreds of times more encrypted characters than a barcode.

-A Call To Action: to do "call to action " is very important as it will make more people Scanning your QR Code, a lot of people forget to add add " call to action" to their brands as a result of this a few people Scanning their QR Codes, so to avoid this mistake please add a call to action to your brand, for example, scan me, scan and win, scan and play or scan to see and it will give you direct results.
-The sizing of QR Code, QR Code size is a great consideration as it gives digital domination to your work, so if you want people bro see and scan your QR Code make sure that you made you QR Code at least 1,2 inch and (3-4cm) to make people able to scan it.
-The positioning of QR Code, you should pay attention to and take care of your QR Code as QR Code is one of the important things in your artwork, so you should make sure that you integrate your QR Code and give it a central location in your artwork to make people find it easy.
-The customization of your QR Code design, you should choose a good design for your QR Code, for example selecting a colorful QR Code will attract more people to scan it so make sure that you select a logo with colored to make your QR Code part of your brand.

SVG is a vectorial file that is used in programs like Illustrator or InDesign, on Photoshop you should import Your SVG file, so if you want to print at the highest quality use the SVG file. PNG is a format to use online, but it printed a less Quality design than an SVG.

A Lot of people place Vcard on their business cards with QR Codes, so when people scan it they will get all information saved on their phones.

When you add a logo to your QR Code you should place the logo in a square format or it might be stretched. You should also identify. If your logo is uploaded in Jpeg or PNG, a lot of people recommend having a logo around 500KB to 1 MB.

There are Colors not good at Scanning, so you should avoid using it like yellow and pastel colors, so it's better to use dark colors with white background.

There are several reasons why your QR Code didn't work correctly, first, you have to check your entered data, maybe there are typos in your URL that break your QR Code. So make sure that there is a contract between the background and the foreground of the QR Code, you should always make the foreground part darker than the background.

If you have a website you should definitely include a QR Code as they make it very easy for people to find your site. Every website should include a QR Code. The idea of a QR Code is that when a customer scans a code and reads the little barcode symbol they will have the option to get further information about your business.

There are many different uses for a QR Code. For instance, a local business can use them to promote their local area. They can print these codes on items they sell so that whenever someone walks by, they can get an idea of how to use your service. This helps customers to get a better understanding of how you run your business and will generally increase their interest in doing business with you.

There are different types of QR Codes you can generate by using our app like, QR Code with logo, link to QR Code, Facebook QR Code, Youtube QR Code, get QR Code for Business Card, WIFI QR Code, QR Codes for video star, QR Code for website...

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